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Merkalan is the Employment and Training Fair run by the Basque Employment Service, Lanbide. It is intended to act as a new bridge between business and individuals, pooling the needs of Basque companies and job seekers.

MERKALAN has a number of aims:

In general terms:

-    To promote contact with our main interlocutors: jobseekers, final-year students, people looking for improved jobs, companies and organisations working in the fields of employment and training.
-    To facilitate intermediation between individuals and companies on matters related to employment and training.

And more specifically:

-    To perform labour intermediation for companies, finding the candidates who best match their requirements with corroborated CVs
-    To provide companies with information on economic support through Lanbide's aid schemes
-    To inform companies about other aid schemes offered by Lanbide for technical consultancy, research, etc.
-    To publicise the importance of training as a tool for finding a job.
-    To provide information to the general public and particularly jobseekers on employment-related activities, programmes and services.
-    To offer career paths to participants.
-    To identify and promote entrepreneurship initiatives.
-    To publicise and promote lines of action focusing on inclusive and youth-targeted employment.
-    To create a meeting point for employment and training institutions, the network of associated centres, etc. where they can meet companies and jobseekers


MERKALAN will be designed to mirror the path each individual takes in finding employment. It will consist of a single area subdivided into separate theme areas, covering each of the services Lanbide offers in the area of labour activation.

The theme areas are as follows:

1. Demand
I want to find a job

2. Guidance
I need to know how to search and prepare myself for entering the labour market: career guidance

3. Training
I want to receive training

4. Entrepreneurship
I want to set up my own firm

In addition to these theme areas, mirroring the individual path taken by everyone looking to find a job or wanting to improve their employment conditions, Lanbide will also create another two spaces, targeted specifically at participating companies

1.    Companies Stand
What services does Lanbide offer companies? How can Lanbide help me as an employer?

o    Goal: To provide information on all the support schemes offered by Lanbide to promote employment and improve business competitiveness: programmes linked to employment promotion; programmes and services specifically targeted at companies; the Youth Return programme, on-line advice, etc.
o    Contents: Information on programmes and services.
o    Target audience: Companies, entrepreneurs, etc.

2.    Private and public-sector job offers: stands for companies and institutions

I want to publicise my firm and find the best staff for my needs.

o    Goal: Labour intermediation.
o    Contents: Job interviews with people who have signed up for previous employment offers or according to the criteria established by participating companies.
o    Target audience: jobseekers, people looking for improved employment.

The fair will also include the following dedicated areas:

-    Technical information desk: central space, staffed by Lanbide, for anyone looking for specific information or guidance on finding the right area for their needs.

-    Multi-purpose zone (workshop): mini talks, presentations of business projects, lectures, discussion of experiences, entrepreneurship workshops, guidance workshop, etc.

How can my company get involved?

The first requirement is to submit the application for participation, which you will find on the event website at www.merkalan.eus.

There are several ways of participating
More information: 943 596 218