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7:45 Registration and collection of documents. 
8:15 Presentation of the Course. Official inauguration.
8:25 Presentation of Clinical Case Studies.

  Chaired by:  Dr. Esteban Emiliani Sanz / Dr. Juan Antonio Galán LlopisDr. Carlos Hernández Fernández / Dr. Antonio Rosales Bordes

Operating Room A
8:30 Pyelolithiasis. Prone PCNL. Dr. Norberto Bernardo
Presentation of endourological material: Boston Scientific
10:30 Pyelolithiasis. Standard PCNL. Dr. Carlos Torrecilla Ortiz
Multiple renolithiasis. RIRS. Dr. Vitor Cavadas
Presentation of endourological material: Coloplast
  Operating Room B
8:30 PJS with multiple renolithiasis. Robot-assisted pyeloplasty + pyelolithotomy.
Dr. José H. Amón Sesmero / Dr. Marcos Cepeda Delgado / Dra. Coral Manso Aparicio
  • m-URS. Dr. Juan Antonio Galán Llopis
  • PCNL with electromagnetic puncture. Dr. Esteväo Lima
  • Lithiasis in calyceal diverticula. Dr. Alberto Rivero Cárdenes
12:30 Multiple renolithiasis. ECIRS. Dr. Cessare Scoffone / Dr. Daniel Pérez-Fentes
Presentation of endourological material: Palex
14:00 Lunch.

16:00 Advances in diagnosis using lithiasis imaging. Dr. Gabriel Fernández Pérez
16:10 How to reduce radiological exposure in endourology. Dr. Daniel Pérez-Fentes
16:20 Different options for positioning patients in PCNL. Dr. Antonio Servera Ruiz de Velasco
16.30  ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION. How to perform the puncture in PCNL. 
Chaired by: Dr. Oriol Angerri.
  • Radiological puncture. Dr. Braulio Manzo.
  • Current situation of electro-magnetic puncture. Dr. Esteväo Lima
  • What does ultrasound-guided renal puncture offer? Dr. Vitor Cavadas 
17:00 Different opinions regarding how to treat lithiasis in the calyceal diverticula. Dr. Alberto Rivero Cárdenes
17:10 KEYNOTE ADDRESS. State of the Art in PCNL. Dr. Esteväo Lima
17:30 Coffee break.
17:50 Monitoring lithiasis patients and preventing recurrence. Dr. Patricio Navarro Medina 
18:00 KEYNOTE ADDRESS. ECIRS vs multi-tract in staghorn lithiasis. Dr. Cessare Scoffone
18:20 Discussion of clinical case studies from Cottolengo Hospital (Turin, Italy).
Dr. Cessare Scoffone
Panelistas: Dr. Oriol Angerri / Dr. Norberto Bernardo / Dr. Vitor Cavadas / Dr. Braulio Manzo
19:30 End of scientific sessions.
21:00 Official Dinner. La Parrilla de San Lorenzo.
8.30 Presentation of clinical case studies.

Chaired by: Dr. Alberto Breda / Dr. Gonzalo Bueno Chomón / Dr. Gaspar Ibarluzea González
Dr. Antonio Servera Ruiz de Velasco
  Operating Room A
8:30 Multiple calyceal lithiasis. Multi-tract PCNL. Dr. Marcos Cepeda Delgado / Dra. Coral Manso Aparicio
Presentation of endourological material: Karl Storz
10:30 Pyelolithiasis. RIRS. Dr. Guido Giusti
Presentation of endourological material: Cook
12:00 Lithiasis in the lower calyx- Miniperc. Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez-Aceves
  Operating Room B
8:30 Pseudocoraliform renolithiasis. ECIRS. Dr. Oriol Angerri / Dr. Esteban Emiliani Sanz
  • Endourological treatment of UUT. Dr. Alberto Breda
  • Endoureterotomy. Dr. Alberto Budía Alba
  • MiniECIRS. Dr. Braulio Manzo
12:00 RIRS in upper urinary tract (UUT) tumor. Dr. Alberto Breda
Presentation of endourological material: Olympus
14:30 Lunch.

16:00h.  How to ensure success in ESWL. Dr. Alberto Budía Alba
16:10h.  Limits of flexible ureteroscopes. Dr. Marcos Cepeda Delgado
16:20h.  Papillary lithiasis. Treatment possibilities. Dr. Juan Manuel López Martínez
16:30h.  ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION. Conservative treatment of the Upper urinary tract (UUT). 
Chaired by: Dr. Marcos Cepeda Delgado
  • Endoscopic diagnosis of UTT. Dra. Coral Manso Aparicio
  • How to perform a biopsy in the UUT. Dr. Norberto Bernardo
  • Tips and tricks for endoscopic UUT treatment. Dr. Alberto Budía Alba 
17:00h. Is endopyelotomy still indicated in PUJS? Dr. José H. Amón Sesmero
17:10h. CONFERENCIA MAGISTRAL: Miniperc ¿Es el nuevo estándar en NLP?  Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez-Aceves
17:30h.   Coffee break.
17:50h. How to prevent stent calcification. Dr. Carlos Torrecilla Ortiz
18:00h.  KEYNOTE ADDRESS. New lasers for lithotripsy: what you should know. Dr. Guido Giusti 
18:20h.  Single-use flexible ureteroscopy. Dr. Esteban Emiliani Sanz
18:30h.  Discussion of clinical cases from the Hospital Universitario Río Hortega.
Dr. Marcos Cepeda Delgado
Panellists: Dr. Gonzalo Bueno Chomón / Dr. Guido Giusti / Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez-Aceves / Dr. Esteväo Lima
19:30h. End of scientific sessions.

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