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VI International Symposium “César Chantar Barrios” on IBD

  • Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda

    Fundación Investigacion Puerta de Hierro



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Dear Friend:

On the 18 of next May the VI International "César Chantar Barrios" Symposium on Inflammatory Bowel Disease will be held in the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Majadahonda, Madrid. We would like to be able to have you with us for this event, and make use of this opportunity to discover, discuss and advance together in the treatment of this pathology that we find so fascinating. As always, we will go into some of the arguments, doubts and difficulties that this type of patients brings up, and that we will do so from a point of view that is useful for our daily clinical practice. Our objective is that we all learn new ideas and points of view that we can apply in our daily work starting from the next day after the Symposium.
We will go into matters that are still controversial like those provoked by the biosimilarities, the ones we have now and the ones that will arise in the future, and the new biological ones that we must give their proper  place in our clinical practice. But other pending matters  as well like the combined treatment or the importance of the diet for the daily treatment of the patients. We will try to shed some light  on some of the questions that can help us get the maximum benefit  of the therapeutic resources that we have, such as the better use of the levels of biological drugs or the role for early surgery. In this sense, we have a special interest in the possibility of really applying a multidisciplinary approach or the treatment by objectives to our real clinical practice, which are both really easy to deal  theoretically with but not all that easy to translate into a tangible reality. We will not forget some of the most complex  clinical scenarios that cause most doubts in our daily clinical practice, like the multirefractory patient, the patient with a pouch, the presurgical scenario or perianal disease. But probably the most daring part of the program this year is focused on the space that we dedicate to the alternatives to conventional treatment, which include telemedicine, intestinal ultrasound or the widening of the limits of endoscopic therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 
We have planned  the presentation of clinical cases, the holding of debates, and we hope to  increase the active participation of the attendants by means of a televoting system, that will really allow us to enhance the contents of the meeting and to make it truly useful for everyone. Besides, this year we will have the gathering of top level international and national speakers, and as we are convinced that the approach to this pathology must include everybody, we have wanted to include our colleagues the rheumatologists and the surgeons  in the program. But undoubtedly this year, in which the date for the Symposium coincides with the World Day of IBD, the main role, more than ever, will be for the patients. In the last paper for the day a patient will give us  what will undoutedly be interesting points of view, and this will imply a certain catharsis for us, the clinicians. There will also be patients among the attendants, and we believe that this is not only fair and right, but think that it should be so always.
To draw up the program every year means a great responsibility and  wishful thinking. We hope we have been able to convey it to you and look forward to greeting you in our hospital on the next 18th of May. 

Maribel Vera, Yago González Lama, Marta Calvo, Virginia Matallana and Luis Abreu 

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